Thursday: Welcome party with frozen foo foo drinks. 

Dinner: Pizza

Friday: Peter Reads Smut While Debbie Does Dallas: Write your own sex scene and Peter, with his lovely British Accent, will read them over the PA! The worse it is the better! Winner gets...something. Outdoor movie night featuring JAWS immediately following!

Breakfast: Mermaid pancakes, Lunch: sandwich platter, Dinner: chicken fajitas, rice & beans

Saturday: Party bus day trip to Salt Lick Cellars followed by lunch & live music at Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, TX! The hubs has generously offered to spring for a party bus that will take us to one of Central Texas's most celebrated BBQ institutions! Both the party bus and the restaurant are BYOB. We'll take a cooler--you just need to bring what you want to put in it. The cellar is $12 if you would like to participate in a 5 wine tasting (optional). They have beer and non-alcoholic drinks if you don't want to participate (no outside beverages at the Cellar), or you can head over to the restaurant and watch the live music until it's time for lunch. The restaurant is CASH ONLY and no split-checks, so you'll need to decide what you want to eat ahead of time because I'll be collecting orders and cash payment in advance. I'll work with each of you closer to the event to get you a total price which will include tax and tip. Then I will handle ordering and payment myself so you can relax and have fun! 

Breakfast: sausage, egg & cheese tacos, Lunch: BBQ (not provided), Dinner: burgers ​

Sunday: Mermaid book exchange (think white elephant, but with books!)
Brunch: European breakfast with mimosas, Dinner: farewell dinner with spaghetti & meatballs


Meals and activities are subject to change. Please let me know if you have any dietary concerns so I can laugh at you and say "tough!" Just kidding. We're easy! We accommodate all kinds (even vegetarians) but we do reserve the right to tease you behind your back. 

Rooms are based on party size and are first come, first served. There are 5, and each one sleeps 1-5+ people. The bigger rooms (that fit more people) have private baths. There is also a "library" that fits 4 oversized cots. While I can't guarantee a private room, I can promise you won't have to share a bed unless you volunteer to share a queen. This means, however, you may end up with a cot. But trust me, you won't care.

Please do not take or post pics of attendees without their sober-ish permission. Please be respectful of everyone. Please do not bring animals or children. Please pick up after yourself, including rinsing off your dishes for the designated dishwasher.

"What designated dishwasher?" Glad you asked!! Last year, I took on more than I could handle, so this year, I created a sign-up sheet for help. These simple tasks will make the retreat run sooooo much smoother. There are 24 slots, so if you could each pick 2 (different tasks) that would help me out a ton. If we get more people, I'll adjust. They're all easy, I promise! Click HERE to sign up!

That's all I can think of for now! I'll let you know if I update anything! Can't wait to see you this fall!


Who: Mermaids! 

What: The Mermaid Retreat is a four day "event" in the Texas Hill Country where you'll spend your days relaxing poolside with fellow Mermaids and your nights singing and dancing under the stars. The retreat is free and includes meals and non-alcoholic drinks. For more info, click HERE to check out last year's retreat!

​Bring: swimsuit, toothbrush, books, booze, back-up liver

When: October 10th thru the 14th, 2019 (Columbus Day Weekend). The weather will be pleasant (avg 82°/58°).

Where: My home at Canyon Lake, Texas. You can either fly into SAT or AUS. I'm right in between, about an hour from each. Getting here from the airport is your responsibility, but there will be opportunities to share rides with other Mermaids. Right now, I suggest arriving in AUS, Thursday around 12-1 pm and departing AUS, Monday around 4-5 pm. If that isn't possible, PM me. I also suggest renting a car over hiring an Uber because I'm not familiar with it out here, but it's totally up to you. had the best rental rates last time I checked.

Why: Because...Mermaids!


Robin Hill