2018 1st Place Winning Sex Scene by Amy


Like a trophy you have won, my ass is perched high up in the air and my tits are rubbing the sheets. You are on your knees in worship to my fuckholes. My hands are desperate to cling to something and are clawing at the sheets on the bed. I’m not capable of doing anything but yelling “Finn” and “fuck.” But you decide you’ve heard your name enough times.

You slowly remove your right hand, the one lodged so far inside me that even my cervix has been intimate with your fingerprint, tickling my luscious pearl on the way out. You put your fingers in my mouth and grunt in a low whisper, “The next time you say fuck and Finn it better be, ‘fuck me with your massive meat sword, Finn.’ Do you taste yourself, Mae? Those creamy love juices that your pussy made just for me? I know your pussy is magic, but fuck baby, it’s a 5-star chef. I would put that fromunderjuice on everything, starting with my face. Your meaty clam with a big serving of panty pudding is my favorite; I could feast on that for days.”

I quickly flip over and pin you to the mattress. Before you have time to protest, I nestle your fuck hammer in the moist folds of my love pocket and start to slowly grind. I lean down and purr in your ear, “Slickery, dickory, dock; It’s time to suck your cock. All of this talk about food has me craving your sausage slathered in your special jock sauce.”

2018 2nd Place Winning Sex Scene by Julie


Samantha shut the door and slithered across the room, pouting her lips like a kid making fishy faces. Marco was waiting for her, starting to pull off his sweat stained tee shirt and jeans, panting with lust, trying not to fall over drunkenly as he took off his boots and jeans.

Samantha started to strip, as she bent over she split her skirt, so Marco reached over and ripped it the rest of the way off of her. He started rubbing her angel taco, and Samantha started moaning, “Oh Marco, don’t stop.”

Samantha started playing with his engorged rod, and he shoved her against the counter, lifting her up, grabbed her hips and drove into her glistening love tunnel like there was no tomorrow.

Marco buried his face in her love balloons as they rode the lust roller coaster, hitting that high. Samantha started chanting, “Oh Marco, oh Marco, oooo Marcooo.”

And as Marco finally exploded in a cataclysmic torrent, he screamed in response, “Polo.”​



Robin Hill