The Winning Sex Scene (condensed) as a Mad Lib 

The Wrong Name

“This so wrong,” she whispered, “and (emotion) __________.” 

He leaned down and ripped the small scrap of material hiding her (body part) __________ from his gaze. He ordered her to turn around and walk to the (piece of furniture) __________ and bend over. She walked toward it with her excessively moist (body part) __________ making loud (adjective) __________ noises that reminded him of the sound that (article of clothing, plural) __________ make full of water after walking in the rain.

He (verb, past tense) __________ toward her, rubbing his (body part) __________ and spreading his (liquid) __________ over it. Then he slammed into her (body part) __________ like he was a (occupation) __________. 

She screamed his name as if in pray. (exclamation) “__________! Nothing feels better in my (body part) __________ than your (body part) __________.” 

He (verb, past tense) __________ her and (verb, past tense) __________ her and (verb, past tense) __________ her, and she (emotion) __________ it a lot. She bit the (noun) __________ as he (verb, past tense) __________ into her, smacking her (body part) __________, then rimming her (body part) __________ with his (body part) __________.

She felt the tremors of her (emotional sensation) __________ begin to build. He sped up ramming her harder and harder until he too felt the tingling in the base of his (body part) __________. Their bodies were covered in (liquid) __________ and the rutting of their bodies reminded her of two (animals, plural) __________ fighting under a (noun) __________.  

A few more strokes and she screamed out his name, (man’s name) “__________ , you are a (something awesome) __________!” 

"That was the (adjective) __________ (body part) __________ I have ever emptied (liquid) __________ into. By the way, my name is (another man’s name) __________.” 

2nd Annual Summer Writers' Retreat 2017

"My accent only comes out when... 

(I drink tequila) ...I'm really tired."


(Scroll below for the WINNING sex scene from Peter Reads Porn Night turned into a MAD LIB!)