I’m starting something new in my newsletters this year. Free things! I love *things* and I love it when other people love the things I love! So, I’m giving away…THINGS! Yeah, OK...it'll mostly be gift cards, E-books, and book swag, but also things I LOVE like my coveted mermaid blanket and my favorite hearts and flowers candle (ok, not *mine*, per se). All you have to do to enter is sign up for my newsletter and actually open it! You don’t even have to read it. In fact, I recommend that you don’t. 

Unless noted, actual, tangible “hold in your hands” prizes can only be guaranteed in the continental US. 

FOR SEPTEMBER: I'm giving away e-book copies of my favorite August reads! I'll post them toward the end of the month!

To enter, be sure to open AUGUST'S newsletter* by 11:00pm CST on August 31st! Winner will be notified on the 9/1!

*The newsletter is going quarterly, even though the giveaways are continuing monthly! Open the quarterly newsletter and you're automatically entered for 3 months!

Sometimes just having the email appear in your preview screen "opens" it, so if you do not want to participate, please let me know and I'll remove you from all future giveaways. 

**I thought e-books would be super easy to giveaway internationally...they're not. I'm doing my best to accommodate everyone, but if you win and don't live in the US and Amazon plays hardball in your country, I'll need retailer options.**

You are under no obligation to review, like, hate, read, wear, eat, bathe in, or lick prizes. They are for fun. They are for you. Good luck!


"I told him I love him. You’d think I told him I wrecked his Maserati. Or that I hate Star Wars, which I do, by the way."